SME public relations: when is the best time to start a successful PR campaign? And can you, as a small or medium-sized business, which also has a limited advertising budget, achieve a demonstrable communication impact?

It is best to build up contacts with the general public and the media before you need them. You decide when the time is right. Today? By communication measures drawn up over the long-term and consistently implemented. Speak, every week, to at least one journalist or one potential new customer. Establish a dialogue characterised by mutual trust. Success will be inevitable. In this way, you control how your company is perceived. We support you in this.

Smartville macht Kunden erfolgreich mit Public Relations, Kommunikation, Werbung und Unternehmenskommunikation. Mit smartville können Sie als Klein- und Mittelbetrieb, auch mit begrenztem Werbeetat, eine nachweisliche Wirkung in Ihrer Kommunikation erzielen.