How do you manage to get your press copy through the ‘eye of the needle’ of the editor’s desk into the editorial columns? On a regular basis, not just once? By having the right connections in the press. As journalists, we have them. Matchmaking is the feature that makes us stand out (USP).

Experience shows that, often, it is not pen-pushers who are lacking in companies, but the resource of time for the costly follow-up (matchmaking). We can do that. And, with you, multiply demonstrable press coverage at international level. Success for your brand image is inevitable.

Smartville macht Kunden erfolgreich mit Public Relations, Kommunikation, Werbung und Unternehmenskommunikation. Mit smartville können Sie als Klein- und Mittelbetrieb, auch mit begrenztem Werbeetat, eine nachweisliche Wirkung in Ihrer Kommunikation erzielen.